executive lunch menu


There are also 3 menu options as a suggestion, photos in the sequence, if you have any restrictions / allergies to one of our items, please advise to replace them. 😉


The menus will consist of 1 Starter, 2 Cold Dishes, 1 Hot Plate and 1 Dessert, and for greater convenience, you can choose the Starter, Hot Plate and Dessert from any of the menus. 🍱


Operation: Mon to Friday 🗓️ | Order Time: 8 am to 10 am 📝 | * Delivery / Pick-up time: From 12 noon. 🚙💨 * Consult shipping!


To order is simple, you can send us a message via Chat or if you prefer to call or send a Whatsapp (11) 99436-9032.


Payment can be made by bank transfer or via payment on our card machine: Debit, Credit, Alelo, Sodexo and Ticket Restaurante. 💳📲 ⠀

We are a family owned and operated business.

Any questions we are available, it will be an honor to serve you and do not forget to wear a mask, wash your hands well and whoever can, stay at home. 😷👋🏻🚿🏡



Mix Salad, Sashimis, Nigiris, Miso Salmon and Fruit Salad. R$ 59.90


Hijiki Salad, 2x Sashimis, Smoked Salmon Gyoza and Matcha Mousse. R$ 59.90


Hijiki Salad, 2x Nigiris, Salmon in Miso and Matcha Mousse. R$ 59.90
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